Monday, March 26, 2007

Ah the Golden Oriole book...

For the first time EVER, after publishing upwards of thirty titles, I have had to ask for an extension of a deadline: they have now given me to the end of April.
Oh the shame of it!
In my defence, I will tell you one of those rare stories where I come out shining. I delivered a manuscript to my first publishers, Cassell, two weeks BEFORE the deadline. I was so proud of myself that I delivered it personally to their offices in Red Lion Square. My lovely editor, John Stockdale, said "Jake, you are only the second person in the history of Cassell to deliver a manuscript before the deadline: the other was Viscount Montgomery delivering his memoirs."
Me and Monty - now, there's an unbeatable team. I bet I could have been an asset at ElAlamein too, even though I was only seven at the time.
Just don't let on that I have fluffed my Poyser deadline.

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