Saturday, March 24, 2007

Such a comfort

At this difficult time, I am for once most grateful to a Mrs Trellis of North Wales for her comforting message:
Dear Cilla, I found your article about the Archbishop of the West Midlands very moving. The late Mr Trellis was forever apologising for things too. He was convinced that he had shot the Archduke Ferdinand when his air pistol accidentally went off in his pocket, and that he was therefore responsible for World War I. He brightened up towards the end, though, because someone else, not him, started World War II, so he could relax and enjoy it without feeling guilty.


angit said...

Thank you Mrs Trellis of North Wales for comforting "Oldscrote the Great" and enabling him to publish your letters. Life was pretty dull before you emerged.
Fanatically yours,

Trellis B, Mrs, retired said...

Dear Sir or Madam Angit
It was nice to receive your note, even though I have no idea who you are or what you are on about.
You're not Scottish by any chance, are you? They are known for their funny ways, like haggis and bagpipes and och aye the noo.
Yours faithfully
Blodwyn Trellis (Mrs, retired)