Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nestbox Laureate

What do the following have in common: Dean Acheson, Philip Larkin, Robert Graves, Tony Blair, Kingsley Amis and me? I like being part of such a distinguished company, of course, but I have to recognise that I haven't quite achieved their fame.
On the other hand, I am not downhearted, indeed no. In fact, I am distinctly uphearted, because I have added another notch to whatever it is you add a notch to. Escutcheon, perhaps. Und zwar, with the considerable help of my mate, David H, who wishes to remain anonymous, I have today added yet another Swift nestbox to the suite of Swift nestboxes that will save the Cambridgeshire Swift from homelessness.
I have no wish to belittle the achievements of the bods in the first paragraph, but when did politics, poetry and novel-writing ever do anything for Swifts? As to what we have in common, I am sure you are ahead of me: we are fellow-alumni. I just wish there was a post with a title like Nestbox Laureate in the gift of the Prime Minister. But he'd better hurry, because he's retiring soon, and I am not getting any younger....

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