Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Democracy in action

This evening, I attended - as a member of the public - a meeting of the Parish Council Planning Committee. Democracy in action. Good stuff. Of the eight or so members of the committee, four did not speak at all during the entire meeting. Of the rest, two who did speak were obnoxious. One was full of hot air and clearly enjoyed the sound of his own voice; the other might have been wise, but it is impossible to say because he mumbled inaudibly into his beard. Which leaves two, both of whom were well prepared and coherent. Not very exciting stuff. The democratic process is not very exciting stuff, but it's better than all the alternatives.
As to my contribution, I remained shtum until after the meeting, at which point I cornered the local Biodiversity Officer to press my case for action to save Swift colonies in the county of Cambridgeshire. The fact that she was young and pretty did not deter me one jot or tittle.

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Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth, I cannot abide the Chairperson of our Parish Council. She is very hoity-toity is Mrs Megan Parry, thinks herself a cut above the rest of us. She got married recently and she wasn't even pregnant; there's swank for you! Forgive me, but I speak as I find.
The rest of them are all right, I suppose, but I think they could do more to stop dogs fouling the pavements, specially Mrs Parry'sl rottweiler. You know how they say that owners come to resemble their dogs? Well, that rottweiler has a face like a traffic accident.
PS Don't the daffodils look nice at this time of year?
Signed: B Trellis, Mrs Retired