Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wht wz tht u sed?

I have taken to peeping into other people's blogs. Ones written by young people can be quite baffling. particularly when they use text-speak. I thought at first that the following was PNG-pidgin:
elo bby :) aww nice page (writin) lmao chek u goin all out as if ur sum agony ant lmao na u probz r lol in ur own rite anyway lol haha ur workx is racist lmao unlucky myne is mint i get to go on comps on msn lmao but erm we av ad sum memories ant we lmao memba wen i stripped down to me bare skin (just me chest lmao) in -2 degrees or summet lmao i was fkin freezin n wen nicole got alchohol poisnin n was cryin to me goin get offf the traks lmao sik tht nyt bt we av ad sum bad tyms bt im not gonna go in to them :\ but i rly got nout else to say so ya knw lol lv ya millions bbe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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