Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Once again, a Mrs Trellis of North Wales has the last word:
Dear Bill Oddie, I found your piece about Dunnocks particularly poignant (Isn't poignant a lovely word. It is my one of my favourites, along with cinnamon, lavender and irritable bowel syndrome). Poignant, because it was a Dunnock that caused the untimely demise of the late Mr Trellis. He was in the back garden burying our pet gecko (The gecko was dead by then, of course) when he became aware of a Dunnock on the fence eyeing him critically, in that way that Dunnocks have. Anyway, it quite unnerved Mr Trellis, so it was no surprise that he dropped dead of a massive cardial infarct some fifteen years later. By such slender threads do our poor lives hang, I always say. PS, I think you are a wonderful birdwatcher to see so many birds, you being so short and all.

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