Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dai the Drill

I don't know where Mrs Trellis gets her energy from, but here she is again, jumping in joyfully:

Dear Camilla Parker-Bowels, Your note about dentistry brought the memories flooding back! My husband, the late Mr Trellis, had always wanted to be a dentist, but the thought of being called "Dai the Drill" put him off, so he became a Tax Inspector instead. Not so different really, is it?: it's all about painful extraction.
Anyhow, dentistry was always his first love, and he became a very proficient amateur with his own set of drills, cocaine, etc, and could remove all the teeth from a sedated jerbil in less than five minutes when he was at his peak (Mr Trellis's peak, not the jerbil's: I am not sure if jerbils have peaks).
And he gave me a fair few fillings too, I can tell you. Not that I needed them, but we have to indulge our hubbies, don't we, or they get all sulky, poor things.
I wonder, does Charles ever have a go at your teeth, or do you have your own private physicist? Myself, I am strictly NHS. Well I am now, since "Dai the Drill" passed over . Sorry, something just came over me.
Your obedient servant
Mrs Blodwen Trellis, widow, retired

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