Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey, Clotho, give us a break!

"If you have to choose between being intelligent and being lucky, choose luck." Discuss.
It's like one of those essays they used to set at school. Today, two strokes of luck made it a successful day for me and my barn owl colleague, Peter W.
On an impulse, I called a man who was said to be a maker of nestboxes. We met him and he turned out to be an excellent fellow, a maker of very good barn owl boxes at a very reasonable price.
Later, on an impulse, we checked one of our old barnowl boxes in a remote barn on land under new and unknown ownership. By coincidence the new owner was there and turned out to be very happy not only that we should continue monitoring the box, but also that we should advise him on getting more boxes erected elsewhere on his land. Synchronicity, isn't that what they call it?

Today, we also put up a replacement box in an oak tree that went up without problem in a record 20 minutes. A-frames on trees can sometimes take an hour or more to erect. Another stroke of good fortune.

And now I am sitting here "waiting for the other boot to drop". After such a lucky day, there has to be a payback time. Maybe I should just go into the kitchen and break a few plates in the hope that it will propitiate the Fates, or whoever arranges for us never to get too damned cocky when things go right for a change.
PS I am sure that the astute among you will have noted that the three Fates illustrated above are mis-labelled. I wonder who was the unlucky sod who made that booboo: I bet he had his life-thread cut pretty sharpish.

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