Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trellis on flowers

Mrs Trellis enters the fray:
Dear President Ban Ki-moon
, she writes, I think it's wonderful that you can find time in your busy day to talk about wild flowers. I heard somewhere that you Koreans cook dogs in flower sauce, but I can see now how wrong that is. Well, the bit about the flowers, anyway.
Speaking as an amateur whoreticulturalist myself, I can tell you that flowers are my passion. My husband, the late Mr Trellis, used to say that I should have married a pergalonimum! Bless him, I think I married a cabbage. No disrespect intended. Just my little joke.
Well, I mustn't keep you, Mr Moon, I know you are busy trying to make all the nations love each other when all they want to do is to drop ayatollahs on one another. You should tell them to go home and grow flowers. But not cook dogs in them, of course.
Mrs Trellis, Widow, Retired

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