Friday, April 27, 2007

Lasses' body ur

Last neet on t' telly there wor a porgram that I thought reet daft. Summat about lasses' body ur. I couldna see what the fuss wor all about. My missus got more ur under er armpits than thur is round a badger's bollocks, and I would be reet upset if she wor to shave it off.
This stuck-up London tart wor goin round axing all kinds o daft questions about why women shave thur ur off, and sayin as ow they shunt, an whose fault wor it anyway, an it wor men who wor to blame - as per usual. She wor a dark lass and I'd bet a wick's wage she's urrier than an orange utang unnerneath. Not that I give a tinkers dink.
Course they ad ter talk about, tha knows, ur down thur, which I thought wur a bit improper for a porgram goin out at seven of an evening when younguns an grannies might be watchin. Any road up, it seems thur's more ur on the barbers floor these days than thur is round ladies' doodahs. Its a funny owd wurld an no mistake. And thur thingies must get fur clemmed in the cowd weather.

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